Manhattan Day School
74th Annual Scholarship Dinner
April 2nd, 2017


As we celebrate a premier educational institution that is now 74 years old, let's take a moment to remember its history.  Manhattan Day School ("MDS") was founded in 1943 by the rabbis of the Orthodox synagogues of the Upper West Side community.  The original building housing MDS was located on West 104th Street and Manhattan Avenue. 

Almost thirty years later, in 1971, two major benefactors -- Charles Bendheim and Max Stern-- envisioned a new building for MDS.  They oversaw the construction of the "new" MDS building and were intimately involved in the process of building the school.  In 2008, MDS completed a major renovation of its classrooms and outside space, and now is proud and capable of educating over 500 students. 

Our mission is a commitment to educational excellence and the development of the whole child -- academically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  Under the close guidance of devoted faculty, our students develop sound moral principles based on the Torah.  We place a strong emphasis on open communication between student and teacher, and we aim to have every student develop a positive self-image to assist them in their entrance to the adult world.   

 At MDS, academic rigor is met and matched by all that is pedagogically creative and dynamic. Innovative approaches to secular and Judaic studies coexist harmoniously.  Growth is wed to commitment, with teachers, children, and parents empowering each other to succeed.  Bolstered by an atmosphere of loving communal support, individualized academic attention thrives.  Every student, regardless of strength or weakness, talent or need, is considered a valued member of the Manhattan Day School community.  And every student is taught at an individual level that makes the best learning possible. 

Our goal is for each child to graduate from Manhattan Day School with a story to tell of success, and each with a lifelong love of learning.  

Questions about MDS or the Dinner? 

Please Contact Millie Nagar 212-376-6390 ext.501