Sam Domb


We are extraordinarily grateful to RABBI BESSER for his years of tireless dedication to MDS and our children.
Tamar and Eric Goldstein


Debbie and Elliot Gibber 

Mazel tov and thank you Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb. Rabbi Besser, we have tremendous hakarat hatov to you for leading MDS to become the wonderful, beloved institution that it is today. We will miss you and wish you hatzlacha on your next chapter. Dalia, thank you for all your hard work in the countless areas that you volunteered for over the past years to improve MDS in so many ways. We will miss you and your family at MDS.
Laura and Jonathan Heller and Family
Rabbi Besser-
Thank you for your dedication towards MDS and Jewish education. We will all miss your warm welcome, "sticker Friday's" and spirit! Continue to go from strength to strength.
Dalia- There is simply no one like YOU! The time & creativity you gave to MDS events is so honorable and appreciated. You raised the bar-now we have to keep it up!
Tamar and Yitzchok Rosenthal


Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb on this well-deserved honor!
Lisa and Joseph Scharf

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser an extraordinary principal and mentor.
In tribute to Dalia Schwalb a worthy honoree.
George Klein
 Alexandra and Chalom Silber 
  Marian and Peder Feldt

In honor of Rabbi Besser for your unparalleled dedication to MDS, your warm good morning to each child every day, along with your outstanding leadership has made MDS what it is today. You will be missed.
Mazal Tov to Dalia Schwalb on this well deserved honor.
Sharon and Sinclair Haberman

With gratitude to Rabbi Besser for nearly two remarkable decades  of dedication and devotion to MDS! Mazel Tov to Dalia Schwalb on this very well deserved honor! You will both be missed by all.
Allison and Michael Bromberg

To Rabbi Besser who practices Tikun Olam on a daily basis with creativity and compassion- you lead by example and in the words of Rabbi Shlomo Carlibach: כל מה שילד צריך הוא מבוגר אחד שיאמין בו
Thank you for getting to know each and every child and believing in them. 
You have had a profound impact in our lives.
With great respect and immense gratitude
To Dalia Schwalb- who ever said "perfection is the enemy of good" didn't know you. 
Kol Hakavod!
Yael and Amnon Mandelbaum


In tribute to Rabbi Mordechai Besser
May you go from chayil to chayil
Suzan and Fred Ehrman

To our dearest Dalia, Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor. You are one in a million. Rabbi Besser, Kol Hakavod; we have tremendous Hakaras Hatov to you.
Daniella and Aryeh Schwebel

We celebrate the honorees of the 74th Annual Scholarship Dinner 
Rabbi Mordechai Besser, Dalia Schwalb. Congratulations  
Ann and Pinky Sohn

Grace and Jack Dayan

Mazel Tov to Dalia Schwalb
Charles and Els Bendheim 
Distinguish Service Awardee 
Eve and Steve Milstein

Rabbi Besser, we hate to say goodbye to you. Thank you so much for taking such great care of our family and looking out for our best interests. We will miss you greatly. 
Arezu, Stevie, Rosalie, Oliver, Scarlett, Julian & Gabriel Sohn

Mazel Tov to our cherished Rabbi Besser for your dedication, devotion, and leadership to us and our children over the past 32 years. 
To our dear friend Dalia Schwalb, Mazal Tov on this MUCH deserved honor. Your commitment to MDS is an inspiration which will truly be missed.

Honoring Rabbi Besser for a lifetime carrying the flame of Jewish education.
          Dalia Schwalb for her energy, creativity, and winning touch 
And to the faculty, administration, staff, leadership, and voluntary contributors 
            to MDS for all they do on behalf of our children. 
Anouche and David Billet

Jack Halpern

Amanda Nussbaum and Daniel Laifer

Rabbi Besser and Dalia, 
Congratulations on this well deserved award.
Dalia and Joseph Cohen

In honor of Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb, 
In tremendous gratitude to our good friends Daniella & Aryeh Schwebel, Bari & Dani Erber, and Suri & Daniel Rozner for their tireless efforts on behalf of MDS.
Shari and Josh Goldberg

Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb 
two important people who have made impactful footprints at MDS. 
Mazel Tov
Tracy and Sander Gerber


Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser for your many devoted years to the school and our children. Wishing you an exciting next chapter in your life. We'll miss you!
Dalia, what can we say? You're amazing! We know how much you put into everything that you're involved with at school and at home and can't thank you enough!
Rebecca and Saul Lubetski
Mia, Emanual, Rafi, & Jesse

Rabbi Besser
We are so grateful to you for making MDS such a warm and nurturing environment. We will always appreciate the tremendous role you played in giving our children their foundation in, and love of, Torah and middot.
Dalia Schwalb
Thank you for being such an integral part of the special MDS community.
We will miss you both!
Tova and Josh Epstein

With much Hakaras hatov we thank you Rabbi Besser for all you have given to our children over the past 12 years at MDS. We wish you continued hatzlocha in all that you do.
To our friend, Dalia Schwalb, a most deserving honor for all your tireless efforts year after year.
A tremendous yasher koach to Bari & Dani, Daniella & Aryeh, and Suri & Daniel. Thank you for your devotion to making this event a success.
 Shoshana and Yoni Schwartz and Family


Thanking our daughters' teachers, Robert Insel, and the entire staff of MDS for making a school feel like a home....and with special warm wishes to Rabbi Besser for his future.

The Rechtschaffens

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser for this well-deserved honor for your many years of dedication to the MDS Community.
Mazal Tov to Dalia Schwalb on your honor tonight for all the amazing things you do for MDS and the Upper West Side community.
With admiration and gratitude, 
Dayna and Adam Westreich

Lorena and Gustavo Sued

In tribute to Rabbi Mordechai Besser whose years of devotion and dedication to MDS and its students are reflected in the multitude of accomplishments of the school, its graduates, and the current student body. 
 Golda and Henry Rothman

Daniela and Alex Fallas

Thank you Rabbi Besser for all that you have done for MDS and our children. Thank you Dalia for working so tirelessly to nurture our school community. We wish both of you hatzlacha in your next chapters.
With deep gratitude,
The Edens

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb on this great honor. We thank you for your selfless devotion to MDS and the UWS community.
Avra and Moshe Schreiber and Family


Mindy and Brian Pfefferman

Robin and Brad Klatt

In honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Besser,
For distinguished, expert, caring, and successful leadership of MDS with immense gratitude and warmest wishes for continued Hatzlacha and Bracha.
We join in honoring our dear friend Dalia Schwalb for her enthusiastic & masterful efforts on behalf of MDS. 
Denise and George Karasick

Elana and Daniel Lowy

Rabbi Besser, 
These past 11 years would not have been the same without you. You've inspired our children to live a life of Torah and middot. We will miss you and wish you hatzlacha.
Dalia Schwalb,
we wish you mazal tov on this well-deserved honor. You  have dedicated your endless time and effort to our school and we are forever grateful.
Sarra and Cyrus Schwartz

 In honor of Rabbi Besser who leaves behind a strong footprint at MDS and to my sister Dalia Schwalb who can be described as a perpetual GIVER and only delivers PERFECTION
Deveaux Barron and Andrew Berkowitz

Hilary and Barry Ness

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser,
How lucky we all are to have your warmth, wisdom, guidance, and love every day of our lives. We are so proud of what you have accomplished in your career and of everything you have done for the children of klal Yisroel for so many years. Today as you receive this well deserved honor, we your children are the ones who are honored here to call you our father. Mazel Tov!
With all our love,
Chumi & Mark, Rachel & Donny, Suri & Adam, Leora & Naftoli

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser for many years of dedication and leadership.
Eti and Michael Moskowitz


Michelle and Israel Deutsch

Dana and Marc Gibber

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser
A giant in Jewish Education
Aviva and Marvin Sussman

In honor of our dear friend DALIA SCHWALB
Mazal Tov on a well-deserved honor! 
Kol Hakavod Bari & Daniel and Daniella & Aryeh
Thank you for all you do for our children and the entire Jewish community!
With love,
Rakel and Jacques Cohen

Odit and Charles Oliner

 Rabbi Besser,
Our children and MDS have been enriched by you. May you have nachas from the thousands you have guided. 
Dalia Schwalb,
Your tireless efforts and commitment on behalf of MDS are much appreciated.
Michelle and Eli Salig

Mazel Tov to:
Rabbi Besser, for his many years at MDS with best wishes of Nachas and Good Health. We consider you not only our daughter's principal but a friend too (and mishpacha-sort of!)
Dalia Schwalb, for rolling up her sleeves and teaching us all about community volunteerism.
With an acknowledgement of deep gratitude to Ami Eden, Daniel Solomons, and so many other officers for your hard work and devotion this past year on behalf of the future of our Yeshiva, our children and Klal Yisrael.
Mazel Tov and Thank you,
Karen and Meyer Muschel 


Rachel and Martin Balsam

Bette and Howard Grossman

Tammy and Carey Wolchok

Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Global Operations
Shay Amir- CEO
David Amir-President

LYNLY Health Insurance Agency
Eric Sussman and Dov Eisenberg

Mazal Tov!
Ilana Kobrin and David Prager

With gratitude to our esteemed principal Rabbi Besser for years of leadership & devotion to the community and chinuch of our children. 
To our dear friend Dalia, in admiration of your tireless efforts and dedication to MDS! 
Suri and Daniel Rozner

With greatest appreciation to Rabbi Besser for all you have done for our children and so many others! You will be missed! 
 Dalia- Mazal Tov on this most well deserved award! MDS is a better place because of you!
Robyn and Alan Samuels

Rabbi Besser, we are grateful for the nurturing environment you created for our children. And to our dear friend Dalia, your strength and fierce commitment  to friends, family and community inspires us. Yasher Koach to the dinner chairs.
The Spiras

 Rabbi Besser, Thank you for your guidance and heartfelt care towards our children.
Dalia, Thank you for all you have done and do for MDS. 
Nurit and Yehuda Srulowitz

With gratitude & appreciation to Rabbi Besser for his lifelong contribution to Jewish education & for 2 decades of teaching our MDS children. 
Mazel Tov to Dalia Schwalb for your tireless dedication to our school and community.
Susan and Bernie Hutman

 יְהִיכְבוֹד תַּלְמִידְךָ חָבִיב עָלֶיךָ כְּשֶׁלְּךָ, וּכְבוֹד חֲבֵרְךָ כְּמוֹרָא רַבְּךָ, וּמוֹרָא רַבְּךָ כְּמוֹרָא שָׁמָיִם:

We Salute you and thank you Rabbi Besser. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of our grandchildren and the entire MDS family. Yasher Koach and Mazal Tov!! 

To our dear daughter and sister Dalia,
You are an inspiration to us all! May you continue to be a source of  strength to your children and to the Jewish community.
Mazal Tov on an honor well deserved
We love you.
Mami, Papi,
Beni and Dana Schwalb

Thank you for all the hard work
Avi and Miriam Voda

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser,
From Morasha to MDS...sitting in your office in the "A" building and MDS, we successfully planned many camp, PTA, & grandparent/special person events. You helped educate my children & grandchildren and for that we express tremendous Hakarat Hatov. We will miss your friendly smile and your stickers.
Mazal Tov to Dalia Schwalb, a volunteer extraordinaire. 
Thank you for all your dedication.
Elaine and Scott Liebman

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser for dedicating 18 years to Talmud Torah at Manhattan Day School.
Thank you to Dalia Schwalb for all that you have done to better the MDS community.
מחיל אל חיל                                                        
Lenore and Maurice Ades

To Aryeh and Daniella, Thank you both for all you do for the entire West Side community. We cherish your friendship.
Mazol Tov to all the honorees.
Ruchi and Avremi Melohn

 we have tremendous hakarat hatov for four years of leadership at MDS. We wish you a mazal tov and a Tzetchem l'shalom! 
Mazal tov on this well-deserved honor! We wish you much mazal and bracha in all your endeavors!
Johanna and Robert Herskowitz & Family (4 MDS graduates!)



Anna and Morris Propp

With deep appreciation to Rabbi Besser and with the utmost admiration for Dalia Schwalb. 
 Sari and Eleazer Klein

City Wide Maintenance

Sabrina and Guy Salomon 

In honor of Rabbi Besser,
Your dedication to our daughter, Ruthie, and to the education and development of the students of Klal Yisrael is tremendous beyond words.
With great Hakaras Hatov and admiration,
Julie and Avi Feinberg

Rabbi Besser, as we leave MDS together, I take your legacy with me. Your influence, guidance and inspiration have been instilled in Emma and Zac. The Nachas that I experience every day as their mother is a credit to you and the mentor you have been to them.Thank you to the whole staff of MDS.

Dalia Schwalb

 To our: Rebbe, personal tutor, parsha quizzer, seder leader, trip coordinator, advising voice, listening ear, and of course loving Grandfather, all rolled into one. Or as we like to say "Our Ba" Mazel Tov on all your amazing accomplishments and on this great honor. We love you so much!
Aliza, Kayla & Yair, Akiva, Avigail, and Eliana
Yoni, Akiva, Shoshana, Yehuda, and Tali
Ari, Yehuda, Akiva, and Aroni
Allie, Layla, and Gabe

Mazel Tov to Dalia Schwalb on this well deserved honor and a very special thank you to Daniella and Aryeh Schwebel
Suri and Adam Sokol

In Honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser, our esteemed friend and neighbor, on his remarkable contributions to Klal Yisroel
Racquel & Aaron Brody, Chanie & Mordechai Blass,
 Golda & Elie Fried,  Devorah & Dov Elias, Yitty & Eli Glaser, 
Shandi & Sruli Glaser, Dini & Moishe Jacobowitz, Sharon & Eli Landau, 
Judy & Baruch Mandelbaum, 
Gitit & BZ Levovitz, Ruthi & Murray Rosenbaum, Claire & Tuv Salzberg,
Karen & Marc Silverman, Aliza & Yanki Weinberg,
Nechama & Hillel Zand, Barbara & Israel Zand, Hindy & Boruch Amsel,
Miriam and Avery Mehlman, Barbara and Akiva Fogel, Shoshana and Chaim Korn


Alexandre Gill

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb. Two people whose efforts and dedication to the MDS community is evident in everything that you do. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors. 
With admiration, 
Deena Blanchard and Akiva Novetsky

Thank you to Rabbi Besser for all he's done for our children.
Rona and Ira Kellman

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser
Thank you for helping be mechanech our children. We are forever grateful to you and to MDS.
Rikki and Mendy Gross

The food service suppliers to MDS would like to wish Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Five Star Caterers
Kenny Yager

Fairmont Insurance

Rachel and E. Magnus Oppenheim  

In honor of our friend Rabbi Mordechai Besser, as well as Dalia Schwalb.
 Vivian and Daniel Chill  

Congratulations to Rabbi Besser on a lifetime of service to Jewish Education.
 Congregation Ohab Zedek
David Ascher, President
Rabbi Allen Schwartz  

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser
Mazal Tov on this honor and thank you for enabling us to teach our children a torah way of life.
Ruth and Irwin Shapiro
Debbie and Ezra Feuer
Daniel Hammerschlag

Yasher koach to Rabbi Besser for being instrumental in educating two generations of  Grafstein children. Best of luck!
Ruth & Murray Grafstein and Family

Thank you for everything you have done for the school.
Jocy London and Dave Adelsberg

Lauren and Jordan Rosenberg

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser and to our friend Dalia Schwalb on this very well deserved honor. Your commitment to the school and community is incredible and your unwavering support of Jewish education is inspiring.
Paula and Michael Gibber

 To our stars Aryeh and Daniella who set a beautiful example for our entire family and wish Rabbi Besser continued success
Rivie and Leba Schwebel

With much hakarot hatov to Rabbi Besser for shaping our children, & all of the children.
To Dalia #urawesome
Chavie Kahn and Heshy Kofman

Mati and Ilan Bracha

With heartfelt appreciation to Rabbi Mordechai Besser for being such an exceptional leader and role model. We are forever indebted to you for providing our children with a stellar Jewish and secular education.
Bonnie and Gideon Shloush

Laura and Daniel Znaty

Rabbi Besser,
Thank you for your leadership and the immeasurable gifts of Torah, education and kindness which you have bestowed upon our children and the MDS community. Our family will miss you at the school!
Sarah and Eric London

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser, 
Thank you for helping us raise our children
Corinne and Barry Kirshenbaum

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"
To Daniella, Aryeh, Bari, Dani, Suri and Daniel, thank you for your tremendous effort and work that you have put into this dinner to make it a huge success. We are all blessed to have you in our lives.
With tremendous gratitude and love,

Dalia, Emma, and Zachary

With tremendous hakarat hatov, we thank Rabbi Besser for all his years of dedication to our family's Jewish education and the education of so many in our community. 
Mazel Tov and we will miss you at MDS.
Tamar Kaplan-Marans and Joseph Nussbaum

Thank you Rabbi Besser!
Ellin, Rachel, Ari, Aaron & Joshua Mitchell(and grateful parents, Rabia & Oliver)

In Honor of  Rabbi Besser
With deep gratitude for your years of leadership, development and guidance of MDS.
In Tribute to Dalia Schwalb
Thank you for all you do for our School, and so many other causes.
Mazal Tov!
Pia and Paul Rubin

Heartfelt thanks to our longtime family friends,
Edna and Rabbi Mordechai Besser,
wise and compassionate educator par excellence,
for capping off his distinguished career in Jewish Education at MDS with our treasured children
With warmest wishes for long life, good health, and great nachat from your wonderful family!
Anouche and David Billet
Rookie and Heshie Billet

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser and Dalia Schwalb for all of their work on behalf of MDS. 
Joyce and David Friedman

Mazel Tov and thank you Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb for your tremendous dedication to MDS!
Sharie Loeffler and Eric Leopold

Mazel Tov to our dear friend Dalia. Your dedication and tireless effort to MDS and all worthy causes are a true inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work!
We love you
Ruchele and Daniel Lifschutz

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser on this honor and his years of service

Naomi and Gary Stein

Our dearest friend Dalia,
we are so proud of you and we are inspired by your greatness. We love you!
Mazel Tov to Rabbi Mordy Besser,
from camp Morasha to Lawrence to MDS, you have been a guide throughout our lives. May you continue to be a guiding light for all klal yisroel.
Astrid and Mord Leifer

Congratulations to the Honorees!
Reut and Mendel Pinson


Malkie Klein

Financial Resources

Congratulations to Dalia on a well deserved honor
With Love, The Dolfman Family
Adina and Marc Dolfman

Frances Chan and Richard Allen

Shera and Martin Goldman
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb on these well-deserved honors.
A special thank you to Rabbi Besser for his tremendous leadership.
Allison, Yitzy, Zachary, and Jacob Rubin
Mazal Tov Dalia on your great honor, 
Esther and Motti Kremer

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Mordechai Besser on this outstanding honor.
You are an inspiration to our community.
The Jewish Center
Yosie Levine, Rabbi
Avi Schwartz, President

Barry Gurvitch

Thank you Rabbi Besser for making our morning Tehillim Group possible.
We wish you much Mazal, Bracha, and Hazlachah.
Tehillim Group

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Besser and Dalia!
My 8th grade class welcomed you into MDS and now we're sorry to see you go! Thank you for all that you've done.
Dalia, you were my first and only boss and your drive and creativity make you a leader.
Leah and Akiva Glick

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser and our dear friend Dalia on this well deserved honor. Yasher Koach to Bari & Dani Erber, Suri & Daniel Rozner, and to our brother and sister-Daniella and Aryeh Schwebel. We are so proud of your hard work and dedication to Manhattan Day School and the entire Jewish Community.
Nicole, Avi, Emma, & Alexandra Lieberman
To a person who extends her kindness to so many, DALIA SCHWALB. 
Your caring demeanor, unbound generosity, and big heart have always been a sincere attribute that made us proud to be family.  
May you success in every endeavor you encounter.
With love and recognition,
Ruchi and Mordy Pluchenik

Mazal Tov Dalia on this VERY well deserved honor!
Tamar and Phillip Katz

Dearest Dalia,
Mazel Tov on such a well deserved honor! You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to us all. We are so sorry we can not be there. We love you!
Jennifer and Michael Diack

You can never retire your experience. You left a fantastic legacy of leadership and vision. Now-go and see the world! Mazel Tov on your retirement.
Linny and Josef Kastner

 Thank you to Rabbi Besser for your dedication and service to MDS. Wishing you hatzlacha on your next venture.
Marisa and Ben Kest
Miriam Gordon

In esteemed Honor of a star couple,
Aryeh & Daniella Schwebel
You bring energy, creativity and class to any project in which you are involved.
In addition to embracing many worthwhile charitable causes you are first and foremost there for your terrific children, Noah, Kayla & Lily. We are proud to be your siblings and wish for you to go from strength to strength with much success, happiness and good health.
Eli, CL, Chavie, Yochanan, Mariam, Zack, Blima, Yanky, Sarah, Avrumi

Thank you, Rabbi Besser, for being the foundation for our children's education throughout their academic life so far. In the roles of leader, educator, colleague and mentor, you truly shine. We'll miss you! To Dalia, thank you for all you have done for MDS.
Jacques, Karen, Harrison, and Ava Brooks

Bruria and Yakov Neuman

Dear Rabbi Besser,
You have left your footprint on Jewish education and on our beloved MDS. We wish you good healthy and Hatzlacha. May הקבה come to share his blessings with you and your family.
The Early Childhood Department of MDS

Thank you for bringing me into the MDS Family. Wishing you much hatzlacha!
Cindy and Jonathan Sherman

Mazal Tov to the 2 people who make what we do so easy.
Rabbi Besser, how could we possibly put into words what your guidance, support, and collaboration has meant to PC and specifically to us? All we can do is merely thank you for all you've done and continue to do. We appreciate you and will miss you dearly.
Dalia, if we could clone you, we would. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your experience vast and your expertise second to none. We will be lost without you next year.
Gratefully yours,
Meryl Degen, Ayala Horwitz, and Stacey Levy
Parents Council Presidium

Mazel Tov Dalia! You put your entire heart and soul into your family, friends, school, community, and every cause you get involved in. We are privileged to consider ourselves part of your family. We have learned so much about how to give of oneself by watching you constantly giving of your time, energy, and creativity to others.  
Mazel tov to Rabbi Besser on such a wonderful tribute. MDS and the Jewish community have been the lucky beneficiaries of all your passion, talent, and hard work. 
Yasher koach to Aryeh & Daniella and Bari & Dani 
Rachel and Jona Rechnitz

Mazal Tov Dalia! We are so proud of you! Thank you for all that you do. We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. 
We love you!
Malky, Lea, Sofie, Audrey, and Max Berger

Lesley Turkel

Jessica and Ezra Beren

Amy and Daniel Kratka

Yael Penn

Daniella Kahane

  Lisa and Daniel Friedman

Lea and Yair Kronenberg

Mazel Tov Rabbi Besser,
Thanks for making our office a
Mistake-making, Laughter sharing, independence-building, brain-stretching, sort of place! 
May you always be as happy as you are on hot dog day!
With much hakarat hatov,
Sharon, Reva, & Lauren (your girls)

 Mazel Tov to Rabbi Besser for his amazing dedication to Jewish education. 
Dalia, the school is lucky to have such a wonderful mother role models as yourself; tirelessly working for MDS kids!
To Daniella & Aryeh and the entire dinner committee: thank you for your time and efforts for MDS. May you be zoche to continue doing acts of chesed in your community.
Willy and Linda Lieberman, very proud MDS grandparents!

Mazel Tov on this fabulous recognition!
Over the past decade, MDS has been the lucky recipient of  your dedication, commitment, and energy. Your efforts know no bounds and your work on behalf of the MDS community inspires everyone around you. May you continue to be a source of strength to your kids who are so proud to call you "MOMMY".
We are honored to call you our "bestie" and we are very excited to share this special night with you and your family.
May you b'h go from strength to strength.
All of our love,
Beth, Hayley, and Rebecca

Yasher koach Daniella and Aryeh! We love you. 
A big Mazol Tov to Rabbi Besser on this beautiful honor.
Tova and Scott Garber

Mazol Tov to Dalia on this well deserved honor. You are a wonderful role model to our entire community! 
 Aryeh and Daniella thank you for doing so much for our entire community,
we are proud to call you cousins!!!
Dovid and Naomi Wassner

Vivian and Henry Rosenberg

Congratulations to the Honorees!
Billie and Dani Zoldan

In honor of Rabbi Mordechai Besser for his transformational 18 years leadership of MDS and Dalia Schwalb for her devoted service to MDS with flair, style, and class. You will both be missed!
Naomi and Josh Caplan

Sabrina and David Ascher

In honor of Rabbi Besser
Teacher, Friend, Family, Role Model
We love you!
Rhonda, Harvey, and Max Stober

Mazel Tov to our dear friend Mordy, The west side, Morasha, and MDS. It's been a real pleasure and a joy working with you and being your friend. May our friendship with you and Edna continue and may you go מחיל אל חיל.
Bernice and Benjy Mandel

To Rabbi Besser, Judy Meltzer, Rabbi Yablok, Aviva Yablok, Sharon Newman and to all the MDS faculty and staff:
Thank you for so many wonderful years. When Michaela graduates this year, we will be graduating with her. MDS has been a second home to us.
Mazal Tov to Dalia on a well-deserved honor!
,בהצלחה רבה
Rona, Andrew, Noam, Gabriella, and Michaela Steinerman

In honor of our dear son in law and brother in law
Rabbi Mordechai Besser
for over four decades you have created a healthy, nurturing and rich educational environment for thousands of students, teachers, and rebbeim. Your care for each child to succeed both in the classroom as well as in the playground was the hallmark of an illustrious career. You have shaped generations of individuals that have turned into families. We are in awe of your success and only wish you and Edna lots of nachas from your children & grandchildren as well as your countless students and their children whose lives you have invaluably impacted.
With much love,
Eli, Brenda & Family
Steve, Faige & Family

In honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Besser
Over the course of the past 50 + years, from Lake Como, to Lawrence,
Manhattan to Yerushalayim, your expertise, wisdom, kindness, and generosity has been an example to us in our personal and professional lives.
May you continue to be an inspiration to all who know you, and may you be blessed with good health, Nachas in your family, and continued success in all of your worthy endeavors. 
We are eternally grateful.
Aviva and Zev Golombeck

In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. M. Besser
Linda and Mark Karasick

In honor of Rabbi Besser and Dalia Schwalb
Toby and Naftali Reich

WSIS extends their heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Besser for his amazing devotion to educating our children. His dedication to the development of each student is evident in the everlasting impressions he has fostered upon our families. We have been blessed to have his contribution to our community.
We would like to acknowledge the Erber, Rozner, and Schwebel families for providing a beautiful dinner and take pride in their continued involvement in this most worthy institution.
The WSIS community

Dalia- you are the best..mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Congratulations on this honor. We love you.
Jamie and Yoni Leifer