Manhattan Day School
74th Annual Scholarship Dinner
April 2nd, 2017


Dalia's generosity has no boundaries. From the moment she walked through the doors of MDS, with her oldest child Emma, Dalia became active in a wide variety of events and activities at MDS.  Dalia's generosity to the school is generally without recognition or much applause. That has always been her "modus operandi". 

Dalia was born in Antwerp and came to NY in 1996.  Prior to coming to New York, Dalia attended Kings College in London where she earned a degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR. Her professional skills, along with her love for MDS, Dalia’s creativity has enhanced the fabric of MDS.

Dalia's involvement in the Chanukah Boutique was a key turning point for this annual event at MDS.  She took on this challenge with unflagging energy and gave it an incredible facelift. This event, which brings people from the community together, is also noted to be one of the most profitable events.

Dalia's involvement ranges from photography, branding, boutiques, graduations, dinners, invitations, ladies night out, class trips, graphic art work just to highlight a few of her specialties.  She has been quite versatile as both a vital team member and as a born leader.  Her project management skills are tested on a regular basis. One can always see Dalia rolling up her sleeves to ensure that everything is completed to perfection and that each individual student or teacher is 100% satisfied.

Although Zac is graduating this year from MDS - Dalia's contribution will be felt for many years to come.  She has implemented a sense of discipline in the areas of marketing/communications, as well as, how to plan for any event that we will all benefit from for many decades to come.

The students, parents and teachers have all benefited from her creativity and her devotion to our school.  She has set the bar very high for everyone that follows in her footsteps but most of all she is an incredible role model for her two beautiful children, Emma and Zac.

Dalia is a woman that lives by the words:  הרבה ועשה מעט אמור